Dr. dr. Nur Faizah Romadona, M.Kes.

Dr. dr. Nur Faizah Romadona, M.Kes.

Name                                    : Dr. Nur Faizah Romadona, M. Kes, MD

Profession                          : Lecturer & Researcher                                                           

Years with Firm/Entity  : 17 years                                     

Nationality                          :  Indonesia

Membership of Professional Societies:

  • APGPAUD (Early Children Educatioan Association) 2014-now
  • IDI (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia) 2011- now
  • PDGMI (Persatuan Dokter Gizi Medik Indonesia) 2009-now

Detailed Tasks Assigned:

Implementing Tridharma (three pillars) of higher education which includes education, research, and community service

Key Qualifications:

She has 17 years of research, teaching, consulting and community service experience in health and nutrition for early childhood, special need education, and health psychology. She has conducted health and nutrition dan special need chidren research, and is Team Leader for treatment for Attention Hyperactivity Children research funded by the national government (Ristekdikti) grant (2015-2016), and some research related to early childhood education. Her position as a lecturer, researcher and consultant for community service at UPI enabled her to build close relationships with stakeholders, such as the government and community. She is responsible for teaching in the health and nutrition, early detection for child growth and development and special need children education subjects at the program study.


  • Doctor in Guidance and Counseling. Indonesian University of Education. 2017. Bandung
  • Master in Medical Nutrition. University of Padjajaran. 2009. Bandung, Indonesia
  • Bachelor in Medical Faculty, Diponegoro University. 1996. Semarang, Indonesia

Employment Record:

2019-now     : Coordinator of Quality Assurace at Early Childhood Education Study Program – Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

2003-now     : Lecturer in Early Childhood Education Study Program

2000- now    : Doctor at Clinic

1996-2000    : Doctor at Community Health Center at Tegal, Central Java.

Selected Publications

  1. Nur Faizah Romadona, Aan Listiana, Euis Kurniati. 2016. Guidance with Behavioral Techniques to Improve Social Skills of Children with ADHD in Low Grades (Edusentris Journal Vol 2, No.2, July 2016, doi: https://doi.org/10.17509/edusentris.v3i2.219)
  2. Nur Faizah Romadona. Children’s Language Development in terms of Nutritional Status, Breastfeeding History and Socio-Economic Status (International Journal of Young Children, ISSN 2579-9584, Vol. 1, Number 1, Pages 1-10, April 2016)
  3. Elya Robiatul Adawiyah, Euis Kurniati, Nur Faizah Romadona. 2017. The Effectiveness of Nutrition Education through Video Media in increasing the knowledge of Early Childhood Nutrition (Edusentris Journal, Vol 4 (March), no.1 (2017), doi: https://doi.org/10.17509/edusentris.v4i1.369
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  11. Nur Faizah Romadona, Aan Listiana, Euis Kurniati. 2016. Behavior Management to Improve Social Skills of Children with ADHD (Proceeding dalam The 3rd International Conferences on Early Childhood Education (ICECE), Bandung, November 2016, https://doi.org/10.2991/icece-16.2017.62)
  12. Nur Faizah Romadona, Aan Listiana, Euis Kurniati. 2016. Behavior Management to Improve Social Skills and Academic Achievement of Children With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Advances In Social Sciences, Humanities (Atlantic-Press), and Education Research, Vol. 58, terindeks Thompson-Reuters, January 2017, ISBN 978-94-6252-290-9, ISSN 2352-5398, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2991/icece-16.2017.62)
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